Steve’s Photo Blog

Another New Look

It has been a few years since I changed the look and feel of my SteveMuncyPhoto site, and it is time for another change. This is a big change as I am moving away from Zenfolio  to publish my photos and going to Adobe Portfolio.

I’ve used Zenfolio for almost ten years and it is a great platform for those who need and use it’s features. It is very flexible and can’t be beat when establishing an online store to sell prints. I’ve never pushed the sale of prints, so this isn’t an important feature to me. While not expensive for those who use the capabilities to sell prints, Zenfolio is too expensive for me when my primary aim is simply sharing photos. While selling prints is not my focus for the web site, I will continue to sell prints to those who are interested. Simply let me know the photo that interests you and the approximate size you want and I will quote you a price.

The new look will start out with two primary galleries that will receive the most frequent updates — New Additions and Foto Fridays. The New Additions Gallery will feature new photos published within the past sixty days, and Foto Fridays will feature my photos published to Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter every Friday. Foto Fridays will start with #87 and continue forward and will contain photos currently scheduled for distribution in the coming weeks.  There will be some overlap between New Additions and Foto Fridays galleries for those photos published in the last sixty days.

Other galleries focused on specific areas will be updated from time to time, but less frequently than New Additions and Foto Fridays.

As always, I’m interested in your thoughts.